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2008 Events

U. S. Helps to Repair Roofs of Podgorica Refugee Camp

January 28, 2008
Happy children in Konik

Happy children in Konik

U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro, Roderick W. Moore, announced U.S. assistance to repair roofs of homes in refugee camps in Konik, a Podgorica suburb, during his visit to the camp on January 28.  The American people, through the U.S. European Command's humanitarian assistance program, will provide $28,000 to make repairs in the camp which shelters 225 families, including 1,207 Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians from Kosovo.

In December 2007, the Montenegrin Red Cross requested Embassy assistance to repair leaky roofs in Konik camp. According to Red Cross estimates, 80% of the roofs in the camps were leaking. They estimated that 30% of the roofs need to be completely replaced while the materials from old roofs could then be used to fix the others in the camp.  The Red Cross was able to reorganize its operating budget with UNHCR assistance, which freed 5000 Euros for this project.  However, an additional 18000 Euros was needed to complete the project.  The Defense Attaché Office at the U.S. Embassy coordinated and secured the remaining funds.